Monday, December 10, 2007

The Move...

So, tomorrow I move. I'm leaving north Dallas (Frisco) and moving considerably closer to downtown (which means a much shorter daily commute). I'm looking forward to it, but I must admit it will be a little weird. It will be my first time to live alone....ever. In all my 31 years of life, I've yet to live by myself. It should be an adventure. There will definitely be advantages and disadvantages to living alone. I will miss having people around the house all the time, but at the same time it will be nice to have a place all to myself to call "home". Another thing that will be a little weird is getting used to apartment life again. I haven't lived in an apartment since my sophomore year in college (96-97). It's been a good run but it was bound to come to an end at some point.

And so, as I bid adieu to my former home, I must say thanks to the Carruths. You guys have been great housemates, it has been fun and I'll miss seeing you guys day in and day out. But I do look forward to meeting the new little Carruth who is on the way. You guys are going to make GREAT parents.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pez! We are back in town and have found your blog! We would love to see you sometime. Will you be closer to us now that you are moving? (Rowlett area) Take care and have a safe move!

Melissa Saunders

Q said...

if it is any consolation, i am living by myself for the first time since in 5 years, and as the previous time, it is not by choice... its weird.

Q said...
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Aina said...

Hi Pez,
We miss you! I don't think it's really set that you are in your new place. We keep expecting to pull around the street and see your 4-runner. We miss your company and the smell of popcorn:) Can't wait to see your new place! Thanks for being the perfect housemate.
Love, Aina & Caleb

Alex Burdine said...


How's the new place treating you? less me some words on my page.