Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Five good things...

First of all I must apologize to the few of you who frequent this site to see what is going on in my life. What I had planned on being a weekly habit has turned into a monthly habit. I've neglected my blog. Sorry. Hopefully that will change...

Next, I should explain where my inspiration for this post comes from. As an aspiring photographer, I visit several photoblogs daily. Sometimes I see cool stuff that inspires me and other times I see typical photos. I recently (within the last month) discovered a new photoblog of someone who inspires me more often than not. I noticed that underneath the picture each day was a little comment followed my a little section called "five good things". Everyday (or at least most days) she posts a picture she lists five good things in her life. I really liked that concept. They are just five little things to be thankful for. Sometimes as simple as a good snack or a letter she received in the mail. Anyway, I thought that would be something good for me to implement into my blog. Sometimes I might post a random photo and list five good things. Other times I might just log on and list five things and nothing else. I figured that even when life gets you down you should be able to come up with at least five things that are good in your life, otherwise you might need to change your outlook. We shall see where this concept takes us. Hopefully it will keep me inspired to post more often. So here goes list #1...

Five good things:
1. Patty Griffin's 1000 Kisses (2002) - I just recently discovered this album. Some people would call it folk, others might call it country. The simplicity and raw grittiness makes me want to pick up a guitar and sing my own stories. Great road trip music.
2. A change of seasons - I think Fall is my favorite season.
3. Dinner plans with some good friends tomorrow night.
4. A "later than normal" call time tomorrow.
5. Getting a phone call from a new photographer yesterday.