Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No More Speed Bumps!

One thing I quickly found out about my "new" apartment is that when they built this place someone got really excited about laying down speed bumps. In fact if you want to drive into my parking garage and come visit my apartment you will have to pass over 14 individual speed bumps. And that is only one direction. For a complete round trip in and out of my apartment you have to cross over 28 speed bumps! It's a little insaine, I know...  Not to mention the fact that these are not your little run of the mill average sized speed bumps either. Whoever constructed these suckers was serious about the 5mph speed limit within the parking garage. If you go much faster over these little mountains you are liable to be knocked out of the driver's seat, or at least spill your drink all over your car. 

If you can't tell, it has been a small source of frustration with me since I moved in.  I don't really mind the slow leisurely pace that the speed bumps require you to drive within our parking garage, but it can get quite annoying to be jostled around your car every time you have to enter or exit your apartment building. 

Well, I'm happy to say, relief is on the way!!! 

Last night when I came home from work I noticed that two of the speed bumps were completely gone. I was wondering to myself if they were merely replacing them with some more tame ones or if they were getting rid of them completely. When I left my house today I noticed a couple guys working on them so I decided to stop and ask. They informed me that they were removing all the speed bumps within the parking garage for good! There are a few bumps that are at the entrance of the parking garage that might stay, but I have to admit I'm pretty excited about not being thrown from my car anymore whenever I want to come and go...

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Jamie said...

Soooo.....how's life without speed bumps?