Monday, March 31, 2008

Old friends and music...

Last weekend I had the joy of playing music with an old friend. He called me at the very last minute, but luckily enough I was free that night and I was able to make it to Fort Worth just in time for the concert. He has a new album out and I had not yet purchased it, but when I got home from work I had just enough time to download it and burn it to a disk so that I could run through a couple of the songs on the drive over. If you are wondering why the "concert" looks like it is in someones living room, that's because it is. With his new CD he is doing something a little different but its very cool. He is doing "house concerts". He will come to town for the weekend and have several concerts throughout town in different peoples homes that have offered to host a concert. It's a pretty cool idea. It's more laid back but it's also more of an intimate setting. In the end you feel much more connected to Ross and his songs because he explains a little about each song and what the inspiration was behind it when he wrote it.  Check out his website (linked below) for more info if you are interested in attending a house concert in your area. Or look at his blog (which is updated more regularly) linked in the right sidebar of my blog.

It was so good to see Ross and Staci again. It's been a few years since I've seen them but we traveled and played together so much in the past that it pretty easy for me to get back in a little groove with him during the concert. He's a great songwriter and if you've never heard of him or his music this is my little plug for you to check out his music. 

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rk said...

you did amazing at the show, my friend. in case anybody is wondering, we didn't practice, and somehow pez still knew all my "tells" and cues and such, and he pretty much nailed every song, even the ones he'd never played before. it was a blast, and i can't wait to do it again.

thanks again for being willing to play. and thanks for the plug.