Thursday, April 05, 2007

Take a swim...

The guys at Google have a pretty good sense of humor. I caught wind of this and I wanted to see if it was real or not...and sure enough, here it is...

If you go to Google and get directions from anywhere in the US to anywhere in Europe (my test trip was from Dallas to Scotland), Google will give you directions that seem pretty normal until you get to the ocean. That's where Google tells you to take a swim. It just struck me as funny. Maybe Google thinks we are out of shape and need our exercise. But really....3,462 miles? Last time I went swimming at the gym I was out of breath after about 6 laps. I guess I should start training now.

  • click here to see it with your own eyes
  • check out step 26

    It reminds me of a time a couple of years ago when I was going to play at a camp with an old friend. When I talked to his wife, who was giving me directions, we were dumbfounded when the directions told me to drive through a river. Seriously. The actual directions were:
    -turn into the campground
    -don't take any turns off the main road
    -go straight until you see the river
    -drive into the river and take a right...
    ...really! That's what the directions were, and so that's what I did. I was a little nervous, but it worked.

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    kris rives said...

    i have driven that river, it is a little unnerving. When are you going to be in houston? you have to come my kid.