Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Who is Bozo Texino?

A film project by Bill Daniel which began in 1984, and was finally completed late in 2005. The idea began with Bill's fascination of Hobo Freight Train Art, and one moniker in particular, Bozo Texino. He decided that he wanted to find out who Bozo Texino was and why he wanted to leave his markings on so many trains across the nation. This search led him to find so many well known Hobo artists and get their stories. A very interesting documentary on the Hobo subculture and the Hobo Freight Train/Graffiti Art movement.

I heard about this documentary about 3-4 years ago and did not know it was incomplete at the time. I have been trying to see a viewing of it ever since. Well, yesterday I finally had my chance. And after years of anticipation, I was pleased with the documentary.


Casey Patton said...

what's it called?
where can i see it?

david said...

It is called "Who is Bozo Texino?"
At the screening he mentioned a website that had the tour schedule on it, but I can't remember what it was.
He does however have a website without a schedule on it.

His contact info is at the bottom of the website, you might need to email him to find out a viewing schedule.

Good to hear from you man!!

Anonymous said...

Hey David. My name is Mack Royal and I took that photo of Bozo Texino at the Cosmic Cowboy Concert in 1974. Ever since then, my photography usually is credited "photo by bozo texino", as it appeared on the two Soap Creek calendars about that time.

So, actually, this is my self-portrait. I even have a webpage.

I try to remain anonymous because my father is Darrell Royal, a Texas icon.

But it's all true. I took that photo. I'm glad to see it being used because it is the BEST Bozo Texino you will ever see.

I met Bill Daniel about two weeks ago in Austin and he is a fun guy and a cool dude. We had a good old time.