Thursday, December 15, 2005

What some people will do for money...

A couple nights ago someone attempted to rob the ATM machine that I use most often. I've heard stories of this in the past and it doesn't surprise me too much. But this story was a little different. I've heard of people creating fake ATM cards. I've heard of people robbing Joe Schmo after he withdrew his money. I've even heard of people trying to steal the whole machine so they can try to break into it at home. But I've never heard of someone trying to break into a machine with an ax! It just struck me as strange. Strange enought that when I heard the news story it made me laugh. After his first attempt was unsuccessful he tried the same thing on to two more machines that are nearby. And when he was done playing "lumberjack", not only did he not receive any money, but now he has the joy of getting his face plastered all over the news stations in the Dallas area.

Smart kid.....real smart.

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